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Happy Women = Happy Company

HR DX to Empower
Working Women in Your Company

Form Global Connections, Discuss Important Topics, Boost Productivity and Well-Being!

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“We chose ProMaman because it perfectly aligns with our concept of Being A Woman Shouldn’t Be a Risk.’’

AXA is in 51 countries, with 145000 employees & 93 million clients.

ProMaman helps companies, organizations, schools and governments support women! And we're trusted by many

Tama Innovation Ecosystem support ProMaman
Tokyo Metropolitan Government support ProMaman
500 Global Accelerator Accelearate Aiichi support ProMaman
JICA JP-MIRAI support ProMaman
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Our News

We got selected as the finalist at the United Nations Development Program's Social Innovation Challenge!

tama mirai fair promaman.webp

We're exhibiting at the Tama Mirai Fair in Tokyo with a huge and gorgeous booth! Don't miss out this awesome event and come!

ProMaman KDDI Mugenlabo magazine.webp

KDDI is the 2nd largest communication corp in Japan and their Japanese language media - Mugenlabo magazine- features us!

mercado latino promaman.webp

The Spanish-Language magazine Mercado Latino has published a feature on ProMaman and ProMaman's founder!

Won AXA Award at the TECH4GOOD Business Leaders Forum by French Chamber of Commerce, broadcast in Japan & France

tokyo international job fair jp mirai promaman.webp

We co-exhibit with official partner JP-MIRAI (JICA) + NHK, Mainichi Shimbun's KOKORO, and others, at Tokyo International Fair.


Whether a newcomer, a mom, an expat, an executive, etc., at ProMaman social network, women can reduce their stress, improve well-being and boost productivity by getting their voices heard, accessing needed tools, experts and information and making friends with fellow women colleagues across offices and locations worldwide. 

If companies ignore the challenges faced by women, attracting and retaining talents won't be possible.
Be a Pro-Women company and provide ProMaman safe women's social network platform to the women in your company!

Let's create a sustainable work culture where women can thrive!


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