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Our mission is to empower women by being the platform for companies, organizations and individuals to easily publish and participate in content and discussions that are useful to people (especially moms) who often struggle being part of seminars, webinars and conversations, due to childcare commitments and the lack of a dedicated space.

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Testimonials & Use Cases

Hanna Young, Employee

I'm using ProMaman to read, write and participate in interesting discussions that are not suitable for my company's internal channels, such as topics related to parenting and mental health.

Seiichiro Tomita, Head of Business, AXA

We, AXA insurance, chose ProMaman because it perfectly aligns with our concept of being a woman shouldn't be a risk.

Mika Watanabe, Marketing

Our team uses ProMaman to distribute our seminars' content in a written format, to make it easier for parents that cannot attend, access the content and participate.

How It Works?

1. Start a written discussion

Holding useful discussions is a great way to tell about your cause and organization.

2. Invite others to participate by sharing the link (like Zoom!)

No need to register account for guests.

3. Be discovered by others

Guests can see related discussions by other organizers and participate.

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