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Yuki Gotsubo, Registered Nurse

Relocation Affects Mental Health

I'd like to start a discussion on a topic that is very important yet often overlooked: the severe effects of relocation on your mental health.


I've personally experienced significant culture shock in a new country. The different social norms and language barrier made me feel overwhelmed and stressed. I also missed my family and friends in Japan.


*Click here for the full discussion

times squires.jpg
Starting a startup in japan

Erin [Femtech Entrepreneur]

How To Start A Japan (and not just)

#How     #Business    #Resources


In brief: A roundtable to share and discuss experiences, resources and practical advice for women and mothers who start up a startup 😁 (and other types of businesses and projects)


Intro: To help other new founders, I’d like to share what steps I took/am taking and hear from you your experiences and questions.

Frankly, it was quite terrifying to start without having any initial contacts in the startup/business world. But up to this point, with some ups and downs, the progress has been stable. My startup has won the prestigious AXA insurance award, became part of 500 Global and United Nations DP accelerators, was featured in various media and so on. Currently we're adding companies and organizations to our list, as at this stage we're still in beta.

Ask me anything, I’m happy to detail my journey.

starting start up.png
maneki neko

Only in Japan?

How it's like to live in Japan, as a Woman [On-Going Roundtable]

#Women    #Realy?!    #Matter


In brief: Japan, a country renowned for its rich culture, technological advancements, and stunning landscapes, offers many advantages for residents and visitors alike.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that like any society, Japan faces certain challenges when it comes to gender equality and the experiences of women. Let's discuss some of the common issues faced by women living in Japan, such as:

1. Gender Inequality in the Workplace:

[ click here to read on this more ]

2. Traditional Gender Roles:

[ click here to read on this more ]

3. Low Political Representation:

[ click here to read on this more ]

4. Maternity and Childcare Support:

[ click here to read on this more ]


*Click here for the full discussion

life of woman in japan
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 17-29-17 rasmus basilier Search LinkedIn.png

Rasmus Basilier, Author and Speaker

Why The Low Birth Rates and What To Do [debate open till June 2]

As a father of three, I find it deeply concerning to witness the low birth rates across the globe. It seems that the birth rate decline can be attributed strongly to the increased access to education for women.

While education is important, it has inadvertently affected birth rates. As women have gained access to education and pursued their careers, the focus on family and child-rearing has shifted.


I'm very much pro education for women, so this is a puzzling finding for me on a philosophical level.


In the past, women lived in close-knit communities where they shared household responsibilities, including childcare. They had a support system of fellow mothers and a sense of camaraderie as they undertook tasks together, such as fetching water from the well. This communal aspect created a tight bond and provided a purpose beyond individual aspirations.

*Click here for the full discussion

mother and baby
improve well being

Roundtable for Your Well-being

Ways To Reduce Your Stress Right Now [Roundtable] #Relax

#Relax    #How       

Discussion intro: Today let’s delve into the pressing issue of stress management for busy women. Recent data from the World Economic Forum reveals that between 1990 and 2019, the global prevalence of mental, anxiety, and depressive disorders in women increased more than in men, impacting even young girls aged 15-19.


Deloitte's research further highlights this disparity, with 57% of working women in Japan reporting poor mental health, and 50% feeling 'burned out'.


With such alarming statistics, it's crucial we explore effective, science-backed relaxation techniques. Studies suggest methods like progressive muscle relaxation and listening to calming music can significantly reduce stress levels.


Let's open the floor to discuss how these insights can be translated into actionable strategies. 3, 2, 1, Start:

Reduce stress right now
promaman user


Things I Learned About Motherhood by Becoming A Mom

#Mama    #Realy?!    #Matter


Intro: Motherhood - the most exhilarating roller coaster ride of my life, where the highs are sky-touching and the lows... well, let's just say they involve a lot of cleaning up.
But, I've embraced the chaos with a bindi of bravery and a sari of strength.

Remember those days when "sleeping in" meant noon? Those were cute. Now, 7 AM is the new luxury.

Before kids, I thought multitasking was a skill listed on my resume. Now? It's my superpower. I can simultaneously cook a meal, help with homework, and negotiate peace treaties between warring toddler factions.

Who needs a gym membership when you have a toddler who refuses to walk? Carrying a 30-pound human while grocery shopping should be an Olympic sport.


Grab your chai and join the laugh!


how its really like to be a mom

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