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  • Why Use ProMaman?
    ProMaman is an online platform to enable companies, organizations and individuals to hold written discussions on topics that are helpful and interesting to women, in which busy people (i.e. moms, who usually can't attend offline events and webinars due to work and childcare commitments) can easily participate in and share their voice. Furthermore, by organizing discussions to promote understandings for women's needs and struggles you contribute to your company's public brand image and the realization of a united and happy working and social environment. 3 Major Benefits for Your Team, Company or Organization: Publish discussions on ProMaman - compliment your public offline events/webinars to enable the participation of those who couldn't attend. You'll expand your outreach, keep the conversation going and promote awareness to your cause and brand. Promote productivity, workplace satisfaction, reduced stress and loneliness, by empowering discussions on various work and life related topics that will help your target audience find solutions to various issues. Anything from career support and productivity to mental health, childbirth, menopause, etc. Unite, Network and Globalize your employees/members across offices and locations (i.e.; Paris and Tokyo) and expand your network further. Users will be able to communicate with each-other in a welcoming and stress-free environment through the discussions and private messages, even during childcare or study leave.
  • Who ProMaman is For?
    Marketing Departments Event Organizers HR Departments Individuals (employees, customers) Our mission is to enable helpful and interesting discussions be easily accessible to people who can't attend offline events and webinars, due to distance, work and childcare responsibilities. This is especially true for mothers. Compliment your offline event or webinar with a written format discussion on ProMaman, to increase outreach and engagement from your network to your topic.
  • What Topics Can I Discuss on ProMaman?
    ProMaman focus is to make women's life productive, convenient, informed and HAPPY. Therefore, feel free to hold discussions on any theme that contributes to such outcome. Examples: - "Tips to start the day filled with energy" - "Raising kids while working" - "Women sexual health" - "Relocation abroad" Etc.! *Hate speech, pornography, sales/ads, spam, promotion of illegal things and other forms of abuse are not allowed.
  • How Can I Join ProMaman?
    To have your own account/page (or accounts/pages for your company/organization members) and create discussions, please become our sponsor (we give free trial). To participate in existing discussions as a guest, all you need is to be invited by a discussion organizer through a direct link. Any questions? Please contact us.
  • Membership Price / Sponsorship
    ProMaman has various plans and periodical campaigns. We also give generous discounts on corporate contracts to teams, affiliate and distributor partners. Click here to inquire or register to ProMaman.
  • ProMaman Clients and Partners
    ProMaman clients range from freelancers and small companies to large corporations and organizations. ProMaman users are women and women-supporters who work in those businesses and organizations. ProMaman is backed by 500 Global, trusted by United Nations DP, Chosen by the French Chamber of Commerce in Japan and AXA, etc. ProMaman is also a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government startup consortium, Tama Innovation Ecosystem and more. Want to partner with us? Contact us here.
  • Nominations and Awards
    ProMaman won the Tech4Good contest at the Business Leaders Forum organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in Japan. ProMaman was chosen as the finalist at the United Nations Youth Co:Lab contest. ProMaman was nominated for the business of the year award, among other excellent companies such as Valeo and Societe Generale, etc., at the CCIFJ ProMaman is also the alumni of 500 Global Accelerator and United Nations DP acceleration program.
  • Safety and security measures
    ・Discussions are created by verified organizations, companies and the employees working in them. ・Common public discussions' area is moderated and abusive posts, messages and accounts can be reported by users and blocked. ・Email addresses are kept private (unless users choose to share it publicly.) ・ProMaman doesn't sell users' email addresses or any other information. ・Users are not encouraged to share information that they're not comfortable sharing publicly: your Online Card (public page on ProMaman) doesn't have any mandatory fields. ・Hosted on world-leading DC providers: AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Equinix. ・Compliant and certified with the highest international privacy and security regulations, including Soc 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1, several ISOs, GDPR, CCPA and LGPD. ・Data in encryption uses HTTPS, TLS 1.2+ and automatic SSL, while data at rest uses AES-256. High-security PCI environment uses a FIPS 140-2-certified HSM.
  • What is My Online Card?
    Your Online Card connects your self-introduction and all your social pages (Facebook, Instagram, online CV, etc.) in one convenient place that you can share with others. It's your choice what to write and add and whether keep the page public or private. If you don't feel like writing about yourself, you can also make your page as a "Theme" page and write about your hobbies or interests instead.
  • Custom Solutions: Can ProMaman Be Customized For My Company's Needs?
    We work hard to satisfy our clients! Please contact us to discuss this.
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