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Starting a startup in japan

Erin [Femtech Entrepreneur]

How To Start A Japan (and not just)

In brief: A roundtable to share and discuss experiences, resources and practical advice for women and mothers who start up a startup 😁 (and other types of businesses and projects)

#How  #Business  #Productivity  #Femtech #Entrepreneur  #Resources


Discussion intro: I've recently founded my startup from absolute zero. When I say zero, I mean the following: I always wanted to make a powerful social impact, but my background (educational and professional) weren't in the field of business.

So, when I finally started working on ProMaman, I admit that I felt absolutely terrified to be driven purely by my passion to solve the problem my startup was addressing, without existing contacts and prior knowledge on how the startup world works. My only source of initial support were videos from Y combinator's YouTube channel (I'll link to the best videos in the discussion comments below.)

I'm also a mom of small kids, so additionally to living on a very limited budget I also have limited time. Finally, I'm also an immigrant, so language plays quite the barrier, too.

Scroll down to see my insights and experience and share yours.

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improve well being

Roundtable for Your Well-being

Ways To Reduce Your Stress Right Now [Roundtable] #Relax

#Relax    #How       

Discussion intro: Today let’s delve into the pressing issue of stress management for busy women. Recent data from the World Economic Forum reveals that between 1990 and 2019, the global prevalence of mental, anxiety, and depressive disorders in women increased more than in men, impacting even young girls aged 15-19.


Deloitte's research further highlights this disparity, with 57% of working women in Japan reporting poor mental health, and 50% feeling 'burned out'.


With such alarming statistics, it's crucial we explore effective, science-backed relaxation techniques. Studies suggest methods like progressive muscle relaxation and listening to calming music can significantly reduce stress levels.


Let's open the floor to discuss how these insights can be translated into actionable strategies. 3, 2, 1, Start:

Reduce stress right now

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working mom with baby

The Productivity Page

Stories From The Field: How Working Moms Do It?!

#Mama    #Realy?!    #Matter


In brief: This is an open roundtable discussion on how working moms combine work and motherhood, and what are the solutions to the related common struggles. Participate in the discussion by sharing your experience, opinion or solution below.

Intro: According to Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry survey (reported by Yomiuri newspaper here), 75% of mothers in Japan work. Yet, they do 7 times more housework and childcare related chores than men (daily average of 3 hours for working women and 4 hours for housewives). Global numbers are not far behind. According to an OECD report, women around the world spend 2 to 10 times more on such unpaid work and according to The New York Times, all this unpaid labor is worth $10,900,000,000.


It's especially hard for women with small children. Many jobs don't propose flexible enough policies and environment. The created unrealistic expectations put an enormous stress on mothers, unleashes inner guilt and self-doubts that can lead to poor performance and depression, and holds women back from career advancements and personal happiness.
So how do you, a working mom, do it despite everything?

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