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Deep Nurturing for You and Your Child

Motherhood is difficult enough.

When coupled with the pain we may still carry from childhood, and particularly tough situations in life, it understandably takes a toll on our ability to extend a calm and loving presence to our little ones.

By helping you feel deeply loved and supported - despite all the reasons you have not felt good about yourself - and helping you release emotions that are creating unnecessary stress, we help you access deeper capacity to be nurturing to your child.

I offer individual inner child healing sessions for mamas, as well as workshops that help you use lullaby-singing as a therapeutic tool.


  • M.A. Integrative Health Studies

  • B.M. Voice Performance


  • Rapid Relief Technique - (deep emotional release)

  • Sound, Voice, and Music Healing

  • Integrative Wellness Coaching & Management

  • Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence






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Sound Healer, Emotional Health & Inner Child Healing Facilitator
Lullabies & Beyond
Languages I speak:
English, Basic Japanese
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