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I am Yoshimi Sadie Hase, CEO of Smilehome Inc.

Our company specializes in the development and operation of a multilingual business support platform called "SmileHome" that enables centralized online management of rental property search and transaction management. We also provide one-stop services such as furniture and appliance installation, moving assistance and so on.

We established the company to meet the needs of foreign people moving to Japan. Additionally, we provide solutions to real estate businesses to improve labor productivity and increase sales by catering to high budget foreign customers while facing a challenging business environment.

Despite the diverse and changing lifestyles of people living in Japan, the real estate system remains complex and difficult for foreign people to understand.

Our mission is to provide simple and easy real estate transaction services to those coming to Japan from overseas while offering valuable support to domestic real estate businesses.

Please leave to us! こんにちは。スマイルホーム株式会社の代表、長谷佳美です。




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Smilehome Inc.
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English, Chinese, Japanese
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Tokyo, Japan

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