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The BEST Unique Girl Names with Meaning and Origin [Alphabetical Order]

Discover 100 of the Best Unique Girl Names with Meaning and Origin From Across Cultures, in Alphabetical Order!

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Best Unique Baby Girl Name List

Searching for uncommon baby girl names with rich cultural meaning? This extensive list provides 100 unique choices from around the world for modern parents. Nature names using plants, animals and elements feature prominently alongside names with deep spiritual and mythological origins. Ancient name revivals from Slavic, Latin,Greek, Hebrew and more sit alongside contemporary inventions to create names for spunky, independent little girls. With options inspired by goddesses, constellations, colors and more, you're sure to find a standout name here [[unique girl names]] that expresses your hopes and visions for your daughter.

Girl Names With Philosophy Behind Them

The names on this list aim to impart something beyond just being labels - they carry cultural stories, significance and ideals in their very origins. Names derived from languages like Arabic, Japanese, Ethiopian and beyond contain wisdom from diverse philosophies. Names meaning "hope", "light","blessed" and "wonderful" aim to set girls up with positive energy from the very start. Plants and animals from the natural world lend their symbolic virtues to these names, with flowers, trees, birds and more providing meaning around beauty, growth and spirit.

Parents searching for distinct baby girl names will find inspiration in this list of 100 unique choices from various cultures. Ancient origins, positive virtues and nature motifs feature strongly in these names, perfect for parents wanting to give their daughters names that stand out.

Ready to be inspired for the perfect baby girl name that stems out of diverse cultures and fascinating origins?

Here is the 100 best and unique baby girl names list in an alphabetical order:

Girl Names Starting Letter A:

Alma - "Soul" in Arabic

Amara - "Eternal" in Sanskrit, derived from Hindu mythology

Adia - African name meaning "middle born"

Anouk - "Grace" in French

Anoushka - Armenian meaning "graceful"

Asha - Sanskrit for "hope"

Aiko - Japanese meaning "loved child"

Azure - Color name meaning "sky blue"

Girl Names Starting Letter B

Briar - Plant name meaning "bramble"

Brooke - English name meaning "stream"

Girl Names Starting Letter C

Calla - "Beautiful" in Greek, meaning "rose" or "lily"

Cassia - Plant name meaning "cinnamon-like"

Celine - French form of Roman "Caecilia"

Ciara - "Dark" in Gaelic

Cleo - Short form of Cleopatra meaning "renowned in her father's glory"

Coral - Color name meaning "red-orange"

Girl Names Starting Letter D

Dahlia - Flower name from Nahuatl meaning "necklace" or "chain"

Delilah - Hebrew name meaning "delicate" or "weak"

Dawn - English name meaning "daybreak"

Girl Names Starting Letter E

Eden - Hebrew place name meaning "delight"

Elowen - Welsh name meaning "elm"

Evangeline - "Gospel" in Greek, originating from medieval Europe

Girl Names Starting Letter F

Finley - Scottish surname meaning "fair-haired hero"

Freya - Norse goddess of love and fertility

Fyn - Welsh name meaning "peak"

Girl Names Starting Letter G

Gaia - "Earth" in Greek mythology

Girl Names Starting Letter H

Hazel - Tree name meaning "filbert tree"

Haven - English word for "shelter" Girl Names Starting Letter I

Indigo - Plant-inspired name meaning "blue dye"

Iris - Greek goddess of the rainbow, meaning "rainbow"

Girl Names Starting Letter J

Jasmine - Persian aromatic flower

Junia - Feminine form of Roman "Junianus" meaning "youthful"

Juniper - Berry-bearing evergreen tree

Girl Names Starting Letter K

Kali - Hindu goddess of time and change

Kestrel - Name of small falcon species

Kira - Russian name meaning "ray of light"

Girl Names Starting Letter L

Laurel - Tree/plant name meaning "victory"

Linden - Tree name meaning "linden tree"

Lotus - Sacred aquatic flower across Asian cultures

Lark - Bird name referring to larks

Lyra - Greek constellation name meaning "lyre"

Girl Names Starting Letter M

Maeve - Gaelic name meaning "intoxicating"

Marigold - Flower name meaning "gold of Mary"

Mira - Slavic meaning "wonderful" or "miracle"

Girl Names Starting Letter N

Noa - Hebrew name meaning "motion" or "rippling water"

Girl Names Starting Letter O

Océane - "Ocean" in French

Girl Names Starting Letter U

Uma - Hindu goddess denoting "power" and "light"

Girl Names Starting Letter P

Paula - Diminutive of Paulette meaning "little"

Girl Names Starting Letter Q

Quinn - Gaelic meaning "counsel"

Girl Names Starting Letter R

Rumi - Turkish meaning "spiritual"

Girl Names Starting Letter S

Sula - Slavic meaning "current" or "wave"

Girl Names Starting Letter T

Thalassa - "Sea" in Greek

Girl Names Starting Letter V

Viola - Italian form of Latin "Violet"

Girl Names Starting Letter W

Winona - From Sioux Native American meaning "first daughter"

Wren - Small bird name meaning "king"

Girl Names Starting Letter X

Ximena - Catalan form of "Gemma" meaning "gem"

Girl Names Starting Letter Y

Yara - Ethiopian meaning "swell of the sea"

Girl Names Starting Letter Z

Zara - Hebrew meaning "radiance" or "light"

Got more unique girl names to add to the list? Want to find more names?


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