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Japanese Women Are Killing Marriage in Japan

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Japanese women are saying "no" to marriage and "yes" to themselves.

Japan has a big problem. It's facing a huge crisis in the face of its shrinking population, aging people and dwildwing workforce. Not enough babies are being born in a country that once boomed with newborns and experts are blaming this on the fact that young people, especially women, are not interested in getting married. But what's behind this lack of interest? Why don't Japanese women want to get married? And what do they want instead? Well, there are two major reasons for it.: Reason number 1: Marriage is a bad deal for Japanese women. According to a government survey, more than a third of single men and women between the ages of 18 and 34, wanted a life where women could work and have kids at the same time...but that's not realistic in Japan, where women still have to shoulder most of the housework, childcare, and eldercare, and also face discrimination or harassment at work. Many women struggle to return to work after having kids, or advance in their careers because they have to work long hours without enough support. So, they choose to stay single to avoid these problems and focus on what they want to do. There are plenty of joys of being single such as independent traveling, enough time hanging out with friends, and spending money on yourself. A lot of women also like having their own space and privacy, and don't want to share their lives with someone who might not respect or understand it. Reason number 2 of why Japanese women don't want to get married is that many women in Japan feel that men are just not worth it. Many single women answer that they don't like the men they can choose from, while a lot of men in Japan reply that they don't want to or can't get married because they don't have enough money, don't want to commit, or have too high standards. Some men also don't want to help out at home or support their wives' careers. And it's no secret that some men are mean or cheat on their partners, or have old-fashioned ideas about how women should act. Japanese women don't want to put up with such men, and they don't need them for money or love. Modern Japanese women are sure of themselves and what they can do, and they don't rely on men for happiness. Thus, Japan's women are saying "no" to marriage and "yes" to themselves because they are looking for freedom, independence, and fulfillment. They don't want to follow the old way that makes them unhappy, and they want to do their own thing, have fun, and make money. They also want to change the way things are for women in a society that is run by men.

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Will marriage in the future be completely obsolete?

This trend is very positive for Japan's women, who can have more control and power over their lives. But, it's quite the opposite for Japan as a country with its worsening population decline crisis. Obviously, the Japanese government should do something on this matter, and the people in power are working on implementing new strategies and introducing tax benefits for married couples and increasing the financial aid for families with children... But, it feels like those actions are mostly aimed at people who already have kids or really want to have kids. It completely ignores the core problem, which is - people do not want to marry and have kids from the beginning. Japanese women are past the era in which they feel like they must sacrifice their personal dreams to marry and bear babies for the sake of the country's future. Japanese government seems oblivious to the fact that many people have already found their comfortable place in society with their work-hobbies-friends routines and will need a really good reason to want to suddenly change their already established way of living. Comment below with what you think might change people's mind and promote them to marry and start a family. Thank you for your attention, please like and subscribe, and see you next time!


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