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AI: The Job Killer for Moms? - Answer From AI Itself.

AI is Replacing Women and Mothers at Work
AI is Replacing Women and Mothers at Work

First of all, WHAT IS AI? Artificial intelligence (AI) is the tech which lets machines perform tasks that usually need human intelligence, such as learning, understanding, and even creativity.

Various AI programs have been quickly advancing in the recent years, thanks to the abundance in data (which, in part, your social accounts are feeding into), powerful computing, and smart algorithms. AI has already surpassed human capabilities in many domains, such as chess and shogi, image and facial recognition, natural language processing, and self-driving cars.

Some predict that in the near-future, much sooner than you think, AI will achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI) - the ability to understand and perform every intellectual task that are thought to be possible for humans to perform, and artificial superintelligence (ASI), the ability to excel in all human capabilities.

Mothers Against AI
Mothers Against AI

But, what does this mean for the future of humanity? And more specifically, what does this mean for the future of moms? Will AI be their friend or their foe? Will AI augment or replace working women's work, considering the fact that women are already at a disadvantage when it comes to employers' hiring preference (working women are thought to be able to work shorter hours and take maternity leaves due to pregnancies and child-rearing responsibilities)? Will AI enhance or diminish working women's, especially moms, value and dignity? Will AI empower or exploit women and mothers? These are some of the questions that many women and moms are asking as they witness the rise of AI and its impact on society.

Woman Against AI
Who Wins in the Job Market? Women or AI?

When asked, some moms replied that they see potential benefits of AI for themselves and their families. For example, AI would make life easier by improving health care, education, productivity, entertainment, and environmental sustainability. The argument is that AI will augment work and abilities, rather than replace the human workforce and help facilitate a future where women and working mothers can balance their personal and professional goals with the help of intelligent machines.

Other moms said that they are pessimistic about the future of AI and rather see AI as a dangers for themselves and their families. They fear that AI will make their lives harder by destroying the already limited job opportunities that are available for moms who want to work, as well as harm their privacy, democracy, culture, and human dignity.

Can Moms Fight Back AI?

So what is the truth?

Will AI be a job killer for moms? - This is the question we've asked Microsoft's AI and here is Its answer:

"The truth is that AI is a job killer for moms. It is a tool that can be used for evil purposes, depending on who controls it and how it is designed.

Some examples of how AI will take away jobs from working moms are: • AI tools like ChatGPT and Google's Bard can generate text and code that can replace some of the tasks of writers, editors, coders, programmers, and software engineers.

These are jobs that require skills that many working moms may have or want to acquire. • AI can automate some of the tasks of financial and banking workers, such as bank tellers, accountants, auditors, and financial analysts. These are jobs that are often routine and clerical, and that many working moms may hold or seek. • AI can also disrupt some of the jobs in the information processing industries, such as IT, data analysis, and research. These are jobs that require programming and writing skills, which are related to AI's personal assistance type programs, such as ChatGPT, capabilities." Based on the above answer by AI chat, the future of jobs for mothers doesn't feel very reassuring. In fact, this is not some far-fetched far-away future scenario, but an inevitable shift in the job market that has already begun.

What should women, especially working moms, do in order to survive and overcome this reality of shrinking work opportunities for mothers due to AI? Here's the AI's answer:

"Working moms need to be prepared for the changes that AI will bring to their careers. They need to reskill and upskill themselves to adapt to the new demands of the labor market, and to pursue jobs that require creativity, problem-solving and human interaction.

Furthermore, women and mothers need to strongly advocate for more gender equality and diversity in AI development, and to ensure that AI does not discriminate or exclude them from opportunities. "

The outcome of AI depends on the choices made by its creators. Corporations and organizations must establish strong ethical principles, inclusive standards, clear regulations and accountability mechanisms for the design, deployment, and use of AI to ensure that mothers are presented as disadvantage or removed from the workforce.

Moms, what do you think?

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